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Unlocking the IoT’s full benefits

As a technical copywriter, I’m often asked to write articles about the IoT – it’s a constantly-evolving, vast topic with many associated technologies.

One good example was a request from AssetBook IoT UK to write content describing their concept of a unified IoT environment and its benefits. They recognise that modern buildings typically have multiple IoT-type implementations, each with sensors to indicate their respective system’s current status.

However, these setups often have untapped potential, simply through being siloed. For example, a security system may detect an open window, yet be unable to alert an HVAC installation to close it and save energy.

AssetBook’s solution unlocks the IoT’s full potential; their unified platform not only integrates all existing systems, but also enables deployments of newer, lower cost IoT devices, and benefits from the wealth of extra information they can provide.

You can read the full article here.

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