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Great technology needs great support!

As a technical copywriter, my customers often ask me to write case studies describing technology solutions they have provided to their end users, and the resulting benefits.

While the technology must always be right, end users typically also regard the level of service and support given with the delivered solution as critical to their final decision.

This was clearly demonstrated when inspection and test specialist Cupio (now part of the IPP Group) supplied a Nordson Quadra 3 X-Ray inspection system to The Electronics Group to support their student training and technical inspection business growth.

“Even the best technology is never going to be entirely free of issues,” Dan Bloyce, General Manager at The Electronics Group, commented, “What matters is how the supplier supports us in resolving any problem that does arise.”

Cupio’s support certainly paid off. Their installation, commissioning and training has allowed The Electronics Group to considerably improve throughput and inspection quality, leading to new business opportunities and increased productivity.

Nordson Dage Quadra X-Ray inspection machine

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