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Why 'Back to Basics' articles are useful for marketing

Do you sometimes find yourself taking on projects which are outside your core competence?

This can happen when design capacity is stretched while projects become increasingly complex.

One byproduct of this trend is that ‘Back to basics’ articles can be extremely popular, as they offer engineers a starting point for tackling new technology. For example, way back in 2013, I wrote a blog post titled " Back to basics: what are Y-capacitors?” – and I was recently told by Vicor Marketing that it’s still attracting significant traffic!

For more evidence of this trend, visit the Power & Beyond website and scroll to their 'Most read articles' section. While these instances do not add up to scientific proof, they do suggest that writing “Back to basics” articles about your product or technology could be a useful way of bringing your offering to the attention of an active new audience.

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