May 5, 2016

“Nigel’s technical and marketing articles have enhanced our company image and directly influenced equipment sales.  We are delighted with his input.”

Viv Huet, Marketing Director, YESTech-Europe

“I engaged Nigel Charig to help Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd with technical writing for a variety of marketing communications projects.

We were finding it increasingly difficult dealing with our PR agency who showed a lack of understanding about our technology and its benefits. Within a short period of time Nigel was able to grasp a very good level of understanding of our industry and the technology of our products.

The standard of his technical writing far outshone what we were getting elsewhere. From an outline brief of what we needed which included press releases, white papers, a very large web project and enewsletters Nigel showed a lot of initiative in gathering information from where he needed to, both within our company and through the web. He delivered work of a good quality and in good time. He showed a lot of enthusiasm and a genuine interest in the technology and contributed good ideas for future work as well as fulfilling briefs for work we already had.

I would highly recommend Nigel as a good asset to any technical company’s marketing department.”

Tina Southgate, Marketing Consultant, Uninterruptible Power Supplies Ltd

“Thanks for the article…Your ability to understand our technical developments and present them in articles like these creates exciting new opportunities for us – we can reach new audiences, and we don’t have to draw heavily on our own marketing and technical resources to do so.”

Alex Price, Marketing Manager, EMEA, Vicor UK

“Hi Nigel,

The fume extraction article is great and the main reason why we want to continue producing similar in-depth pieces.”

David Cooper

European SEO Manager, Premier Farnell

Hi Nigel,

This is very good…….

George Swindale

Marketing Communications Specialist

Cummins Generator Technologies

“Thank you for all your diligent work.…………we do very much appreciate your time and work.”

Richard Broughton


Merchant Technology Marketing

“I have finished reviewing the STM user’s manual and I have to say; it is very good! Very good indeed!”

Mike Logan, Product Manager – Displays, Anders Electronics plc

“Thank you for these – they are exactly what I was looking for …. not too much of a change of theme, but with the added benefit of a new set of eyes to draw out the real advantages to the customer”

Glen Middleton, MD, Arcom Control Systems/Eurotech

“The draft PR and proposed advert look very good indeed. The wording for both is perfect”

Lee Foss, MD, Advanced Micro Peripherals Ltd

“We have been very pleased with the way Charig Associates has taken care of our copywriting requirements. Their knowledge and professionalism have saved a lot of time and resulted in high quality results. I can’t recommend them enough.”

Will Benger, Technical Director, Making Waves Audio Ltd

“The articles are helping to position Princeps as an expert within the field of Independent Distribution and particularly Counterfeit Component detection….Thanks again for all your help with creating and getting these articles placed.”

Ian Walker, Operations Manager, Princeps Electronics

Princep Electronics Distribution


“Hi Nigel,

Re: Press releases for Google ‘Little Box Challenge’ entry

So, we find it really well done. Thanks!”

Xavier Bartholome

Marketing Manager

CE+T Power