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Making content marketing work - a content writer’s perspective

Image by Diggity Marketing from Pixabay

Most technology marketers view content marketing as an essential part of their overall strategy. But what will it really do for your bottom line, and how can you ensure that your own strategy effectively fulfils its promised potential?

There’s plenty of positive evidence and statistics for the first question. For example, according to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62% less than traditional strategies, yet generates approximately three times as many leads. This factoid is one of many found in a blog post published by WordStream, titled ’23 content marketing statistics that prove it works’.

As for the second question; my perspective on this is the result of supplying #contentwriting, #copywriting and #contentmarketing services to technology clients for nearly 15 years. My relationship with all of these inevitably involves discussions not only concerning how to get the best ‘bang per buck’ out of their content marketing investment, but also about how to engage with their freelancers; what should they expect from them, and how can they work with them to ensure that these expectations are fully met?

Accordingly, I have started and will continue with the set of posts that you can see on this blog. While variously comprising both original content and material curated from different sources, and covering a wide range of topics, they have a common objective; to offer you my perspective, as a content writer, on how to get the best out of your freelancer and so achieve a successful content marketing campaign.

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