Hello, I'm Nigel.


I'm a technical copywriter   & content marketer

with an engineering background

Since 2004, I have, through Charig Associates, been writing promotional copy and technical content for industrial electronics, electrical and software enterprises. My copywriting experience is complemented by my background as a degree-qualified Chartered Engineer (B.Sc. (Hons), CEng, MIET), and earlier career in industrial automation and embedded system design.

Content that works effectively for you

As a marketing professional, are you looking for content that ensures:

  • Your prospects’ engineers engage with your products

  • Their decision-makers value you as a supplier

If so, then I can help. Here’s how:

Ability to learn your technology, quickly

So I can understand what’s important, and why – and communicate your message  accordingly.


Wide-ranging brand experience

I’ve worked with major electronics and electrical brands from the UK, Europe and North America, as well as smaller high-technology specialists – both directly and through marketing agencies.

I can rapidly adopt the style that best suits your brand.


Cost-effectively profiled, 'ad-hoc' service

Use my service as needed, on an hourly rate. No need for a retainer.


Ability to place content into published media channels

Maximise ‘bang per buck’ for your marketing budget


A true extension to your Marketing Department

I can work closely with your technical and commercial product specialists to build the right story - and then co-operate with your graphic designers, SEO analysts and other disciplines to create the finished piece.


Market and technology research

Looking at industry and technology trends and standards to provide ideas and context for your articles.


Product evaluation

Testing, reporting back on and writing up on development kits and other electronic equipment. I have even road tested a location-dependent advertising display designed for installation into buses.

To find out how I can contribute to your marketing effort, please contact me on +44(0)20 8933 0917 or nigel@charig-associates.co.uk for an informal discussion about your ideas and requirements. If you like the approach I propose, I can follow up with a more formal proposal of deliverables, timescales and costs.


Entire sales funnel support

 As you build your prospects' route from initial awareness to full engagement, I can develop content for every stage along the way.

Grabbing attention

Highly focused, concise messages to grab attention, for example in email campaigns or social media posts


Demonstrating your thought leadership

By researching and writing about market trends or new legislation that are driving the need for your products. For example, if you supply IoT components, you may want to develop an article about the likely impact of 5G on IoT system evolution.

Proving your value as a knowledgeable design resource for your customers

For in-depth articles and content, I can identify upcoming editorial opportunities in published media titles and negotiate placement accordingly

Building your reputation as an established, reliable and innovative business partner

By interviewing your customers on site and writing up the findings as case studies


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My client base spans the following technology areas:

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Networks, cloud computing, edge devices, drones, data analysis

  • Offshore wind farms

  • Uninterruptible power supplies, data centre power infrastructures, availability criteria

  • Voltage regulators and stabilisers

  • Home automation networks

  • LED technology

  • Automated x-ray and optical inspection systems for electronics production and failure analysis

  • Batteries for backup and motive power

  • Chassis power supplies

  • Modular power systems and components

  • Industrial and embedded computers

  • Flat panel display technologies and systems

  • Embedded video grabbers and imaging products

  • Manufacturing operations software

  • Active and passive PCB components

  • Connectors

  • Cable testing, certification and standards

Portfolio examples

Thought leadership articles


The IoT area of Farnell's website contains many of my articles. Here's one example, about the Bluetooth Evolution. Please check with me about any other articles that interest you, and I'll confirm that I'm the author.

White papers


I work for Kohler Uninterruptible Power's Marketing Agency, and in this role have written many of the white papers shown on their website. You can click on the PDF here to see an example immediately. If any other titles interest you, please let me know, and I'll confirm that I'm the author and, if so, send you a copy.

Case study

This case study (p14)looks at the International Tin Association's use of an automated x-ray inspection system to perform failure analyses for electronics manufacturing customers.

Press release

This press release, written for GradConn, describes their new secure lock coaxial micro connector

Technical guides & industrial report

I wrote a set of documents for Sunpower's website:

  • Technical guide advising designers and installers on the commercial and practical aspects of the KNX bus - an international standard for building automation and control.

  • Technical guide offering advice on power supplies for audio equipment manufacturers

  • Industrial report on the IEC 62368-1 and EN 60601-1 standards, and their impact on equipment manufacturers' approach to safety design

Blog posts

For several years I have been writing blog posts about uninterruptible power supplies - and occasionally generators and emergency lighting - for Kohler Uninterruptible Power, via their Marketing Agency. You can see these here.

Although I wrote most of the posts that you'll see, I didn't write them all - please check with me for confirmation on any that interest you.

Clients I've worked with:

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Active Silicon.PNG
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Here's a selection of comments from my clients. You can also see Recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.

Viv Huet, Marketing Director, Cupio

“Nigel’s technical and marketing articles have enhanced our company image and directly influenced equipment sales. We are delighted with his input.”

David Cooper, European SEO Manager, Premier Farnell

"The fume extraction article is great and the main reason why we want to continue producing similar in-depth pieces.”

Richard Broughton, Associate Director, the MTM Agency

"Thank you for all your diligent work.…we do very much appreciate your time and work”

Ian Walker, Operations Manager, Princeps Electronics
Alex Price, Marketing Manager EMEA, Vicor UK

“The articles are helping to position Princeps as an expert within the field of Independent Distribution and particularly Counterfeit Component detection….Thanks again for all your help with creating and getting these articles placed.”

"Thanks for the article…Your ability to understand our technical developments and present them in articles like these creates exciting new opportunities for us – we can reach new audiences, and we don’t have to draw heavily on our own marketing and technical resources to do so.”.

Lee Foss, Managing Director, Advanced Micro Peripherals

"The draft PR and proposed advert look very good indeed. The wording for both is perfect”

Make sure your copywriter is a profitable resource!

If you need promotional copy or technical content but lack time or resources, turning to a freelance technical copywriter can provide a great solution. But how do you ensure that the relationship is successful in achieving your marketing objectives?


Contact me on nigel@charig-associates.co.uk or +44(0)20 8933 0917 to request a copy of my article “How to engage with your freelance technical copywriter”. This provides my perspective on the vital elements for a successful relationship.

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