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Legitimate Interests Assessment

To comply with GDPR, Charig Associates has carried out a Legitimate Interests Assessment which is documented below.

Purpose of Processing

Charig Associates has a legitimate interest to process personal data relating to engineering, marketing and commercial decision makers and budget holders in organisations within the UK. The data is gathered from publicly available sources and directly from the companies concerned.

Lawful Business Objective

The processing is necessary in order to supply Charig Associates’ clients with data for business-to-business marketing purposes; a lawful business objective specifically identified by the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR). Recital 47 of the GDPR identifies direct marketing as a legitimate use of personal information.

Reasonable Expectation

The data subjects are engineers, managers and marketers with decision making and budgetary responsibilities and can reasonably expect to be contacted with marketing material relating to their professional roles.

Adequate, Relevant & Limited

The data collected is limited to names of engineers, marketers and managers and directors, their job titles, company addresses, company landline telephone numbers and corporate email addresses. If a person leaves their role, their name and contact details are deleted from the database.

Opt Out

If a data subject requests that their data is removed from the database, it is suppressed so that it cannot be accessed or added again at a later date.

Valuable Service

Charig Associates supplies a technical copywriting service which over many years has proved to be of benefit to technology-based businesses, contributing to the success of their enterprise and the wider economy.

We endeavour to only contact technology organisations who could benefit from our services as our existing customers have.

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