Why choose Charig Associates?

November 29, 2016

Circuit breakers

A look round my website will give you an idea of the clients I work for, the content I generate for them, and their feedback on my contribution – but am I right for you?  Here are some reasons why my existing clients have chosen my services:

  • There are plenty of great writers out there, but they’re not all in to writing about engineering, technology and industry. Equally, there are many talented engineers, but they’re typically not inclined to write, especially if it’s promotional material. They regard writing as a distraction from their core engineering development activities.
  • Being an engineer that can write – and likes to write – doesn’t make me unique, but it’s a combination that appears to be valued by my clients, and has       been the foundation of Charig Associates since 2004.
  • I adapt my service to complement your existing resources, so I only spend my time and your money on areas where you really want outside help. I’m also very happy to work closely with your own engineering, marketing and sales specialists.
  • You can re-use or repurpose my content to work as hard as possible for you, and maximise your ROI. Re-run articles that have appeared in published media on your website, generate presentations from them, extract content for newsletters……..
  • You deal directly with me rather than through an account manager, so you can be confident that I have understood your requirements and will respond quickly.
  • My overhead is low, and I pass this saving on to you
  • I can usually provide a fast turnaround if you’re up against a deadline or want to grab an editorial opportunity – but please check!
  • I can provide associated services such as SEO, graphics or photography on demand – and can manage these, providing a single point of contact for you.