Training courses

May 5, 2016




Technology for Marketing Professionals

Do you have marketing, accountancy, admin or other staff from non-technical backgrounds that would benefit from a deeper technical understanding of how your products work, and why customers buy them? Or of the basic electrical or electronic theory that underlies all modern technology?

If so, I can offer a tailor-made training course that will supply the information they need – engineering topics presented in a way that non-engineers can relate to.

Content writing and marketing for technology organisations

If you want to sell the products in your portfolio, you have to tell your prospective customers about their existence and their advantages.

Although the inexorable growth of online technology and social media has profoundly changed the marketing landscape – along with most other aspects of modern life – it hasn’t altered the fact that well-written, well-placed marketing copy and technical content lies at the core of most marketing communications.

Writing and placing material successfully takes time, skill and experience, which is why you may decide to use a PR agency or copywriting specialist such as Charig Associates. Alternatively, you may feel that developing this skill in-house would provide your organisation with a valuable asset.

If so, I can offer tailor-made training courses that show how to write individual pieces of content and copy, how to organise them into a content marketing campaign, and how to place them into published media titles.

Contact me on +44(0)20 8933 0917 or email [email protected] to discuss your particular training requirements, and how I can design a course to meet these.