Technical content marketing

May 5, 2016


A content marketing strategy tailored for you

As described under ‘Technical copywriting and content generation’, I can write standalone articles for use by your marketing department if that’s your requirement.

However, I can also provide a more comprehensive content marketing service, tailored to your needs while complementing your existing resources. My aim is to understand your objectives and meet them as accurately as possible, while achieving the best possible coverage for your budget and timeframe.

After writing and obtaining your approval for an article, I can re-purpose it; I can prepare a shortform press release and distribute it, then use the information as a basis for a more in-depth article for publication in a magazine and your website – and then versions for your newsletter, or a presentation, or anything else.

I can also write articles that complement one another in their objectives; for example a white paper that presents your technology and its benefits in a non-promotional form amenable to engineers, followed by a case study that builds buyers’ confidence in your company’s track record and ability to perform as a supplier.

If money were no object, it would be easy to establish total ubiquity; all your engineering and decision-maker prospects would see relevant content about your offerings and your company in every channel they subscribed to, over an extended period of time. However, this isn’t a realistic goal for most organisations; instead, there’s a finite budget that must be worked hard to approach as closely to ubiquity as possible.

How I plan a content marketing campaign

These considerations influence the questions I would ask you in planning a content marketing campaign, as below:

  • What are your objectives? Increase traffic and enquiries, build brand recognition, or both?
  • Which audience do you want to reach? Engineers, purchasers or both?
  • Budget and timescales; when do you want the campaign to start, and how long should it run?
  • Existing activities – advertising in published media, website content, social media posts and blog posts. These may give me advantages or provide opportunities for easier article placement.
  • Target market sectors and publications
  • Products or services to be promoted – key benefits, plus detailed information on the technology and how these benefits are achieved.
  • Existing collateral – articles, data sheets, pictures, video, presentations, brochures, web content, posts.
  • Contacts I can speak to – product managers, marketing managers or other product champions within your organisation, or named and willing contacts from your customers or users.
  • Metrics for success: Defining and measuring success indicators such as web traffic volume or selection of press releases by published media titles.

Based on the information you supply, I can develop and implement a campaign that’s profiled to meet your objectives accurately and efficiently. It will comprise a suitably scheduled, balanced set of articles distributed to targeted media and blogs, and if appropriate use metrics as feedback for adjustment, tuning and performance optimisation.

Making it right for you

The above is a generalisation of my approach to content marketing. If you’d like to explore ways in which I could fulfil your content marketing objectives, contact me on [email protected] or +44(0)20 8933 0917 for a no-obligation discussion of your situation. If we identify areas where I could help, I’ll follow up with a written set of recommendations and a proposal for how I would manage your project.