When nine tees are just not enough

The other day I decided to take time out for a quick game of golf – just nine holes. I reasoned that nine tees should be enough, because I’d have sufficient even if in the worst case I broke or lost a tee at every hole.

Everything was going fine until I was coming down the hill from the fifth hole, when my golf bag toppled over – scattering the tees clipped to the handle far and wide. By the time I’d sorted out the bag, I couldn’t find them again. Fortunately I did have a spare tee pack, otherwise I would have had to complete the game by driving from the deck; an additional challenge to my golfing skills that I didn’t need.

My point is that unpredictable events can and do occur, even with careful planning. And that’s just as true in the world of content marketing and copywriting as anywhere else. Deadlines are overlooked until the last moment, or a new editorial opportunity suddenly appears that’s great but demands an instant response.

After many years at Charig Associates, I’m used to helping my clients when they’re faced with these situations – they’re not unusual!

If you find yourself up against it for reasons like these, let me know. I’ll endeavour to help, as I have done for clients many times in the past.